The biggest movie ever in Tamil film industry is to be released in a while.. To those who wanted to know about the ten roles which Kamal is to play….

1. Normal person
2. 12th century’s vainava periyar
3. Scientist
4. Brahmin lady aged 90
5. Tall man (8 ft)
6. U.S President
7. Sardarji
8. Black man in Nellai
9. Chinese lad
10. Foreigner(Villain)


Well Tried SRM 397

topcoderWell.. i was gearing up for my first SRM prize money match at TOPCODER on 12th april.. though there is only a thin ray of hope of winning any money,i just wanted to participate in a prize money match.. was at home during tat weekend and i got this dial-up connection.. registration was to be closed at 9.25 p.m IST.. tried connecting to the net around 8.30 p.m and finally got it only at 9.05.. launched the arena and tried registering for d contest.. it said tat there is no more free slots and all the rooms had been filled… frustrated i was.. now i have to wait for another month for the prize money contest..

Physics report-card for science fiction movies


A science fiction film physics report-card that evaluates the accuracy of the physics in a large number of top-grossing sci fi films.

Awaiting Pragyan

With the cycle test-I finally over its time to get to work for pragyan 08 ,the tech fest of NIT,Trichy.
This time the cycle test went pretty bad.It was for 3 days with 2 subjects per day.
We spent the whole week playing Dota.Didnt spare even on the day of the test.Finally i was screwed.
Leaving aside that i got to spend the next two weeks for Junkyard Wars.Being a part of the Junk team got to work on the problem statements,purchasing the required junk,etc. A pretty hetic week ahead..

MacBook Air, “The world’s thinnest laptop”.


Thinnest laptop by apple to be released in Feb ’08

Just 0.76inches to 0.16inches thick! That’s 1.9cm to 0.4cm!!
A 160 page notebook is about 0.6cm thick.

First One

hi friends.. this my first one.

so just a test post…

Hello world!

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